Our Services

Our Services

At Kevin D. Wirth & Associates we have extensive knowledge regarding all aspects of financial planning, thanks to the many years we have spent working with our clients as well as companies that are well positioned in the market. Continued education courses, attending seminars, and forming new relationships allows us to absorb and share useful knowledge with our clients. We operate by marketing our available services to as many individuals as possible, and begin by gathering relevant data so we can generate a proposal based on client goals, priorities and objectives. Take a look at our planning categories below.

Estate Planning

Working with attorneys to make sure your estate planning affairs are in order is a task that requires rigorous analysis. We recommend minimizing estate taxes (both federal and state, if applicable) and ensuring the safe passing of assets to deserving loved ones.*

*Not engaged in the practice of law or accounting 

Income Tax Planning

Working with your accountants (or someone we can recommend for you), we aim to provide successful income tax planning with the hopes of conservatively minimizing the amount of taxes that you would be required to pay.

Financial Products

We focus on using guaranteed products* to help prevent you from losing even a penny of your priceless principal, and we try to maximize rates of return on invested capital. if you prefer other alternatives (after performing an analysis of your retirement needs we can introduce you to), we do work with associates who are versed in all market products, working to earn you more interest for future income and retirement needs

*Mention of guarantee only refers to specific products.

Insurance Planning

We make certain our clients are insured against as many risks as possible and provide coverage specifically for life, disability, health and Long Term Care insurance needs. We make sure any past or future insurance purchase is as cost-effective as possible, by using the most competitive, highly rated companies in the industry.