About Us

About Us

At Kevin D. Wirth & Associates, our goal is to bring world-class services to our clients. We pay special attention to their visions and objectives regarding their financial and retirement planning. We strive to educate ourselves in all aspects of financial advisory and we make sure to maintain a caring and understanding approach toward each client’s personal needs.

Some people may not be aware of the financial nuances related to retirement, but our knowledge and expertise allows us to help guide our clients in the right direction, which allows them to begin planning as early and as successfully as possible.

About Kevin D. Wirth

 Kevin D. Wirth is a go-to financial services provider with 41 years of experience helping clients from many different walks of life. Aside from his experience, his empathetic way of servicing financial needs gives him and his company,  Kevin D. Wirth & Associates, a competitive advantage over financial other groups. He respects each client and is confident that their future is safe in his hands. 

Born in Yonkers, NY, Kevin D. Wirth received his B.A. from Holy Cross College. He then received his financial planning designation from Adelphi University. Soon after, he began his career in the financial services industry, and eventually, Kevin D. Wirth became the sole proprietor of the group Kevin D. Wirth & Associates. Since the beginning, his goal has always been to help others with their financial affairs while maintaining a unique approach. Today he still lives by that goal and aims to bring all of his clients financial success.

Kevin always desired a uniqueness in both his approach and the results. He wants clients to experience something different from what they may have experienced in the past. As a result, he has helped countless people achieve things that they may have otherwise believed were out of their reach.

Kevin lives with his wife Shelley of 37 years in Somers, NY. Together, they raised their son Matthew, 32, and their daughter Kellie, 26, on traditional values philosophy.

Kevin’s caring ways extends to his business practice and the clients he serves. He has received numerous company and production awards over his last 41 years. He is a 41 year member of the National Association of Independent Financial Advisors and serves as the New York Representative of Public Sector Retirement Educators (PSRE), helping Federal Employees all over the area to achieve their financial dreams as well. Please feel free to visit their most informative websites:

PSRetirement.com  & PSREducators.com